5 must-keep-in-mind factors to make your website sell more than today

Visitors are coming to your website and what you need to achieve is to increase the number of people finalizing bookings from your website. Some of those visitors cost you even before they book (eg. Adwords click, server costs, manpower to update website, etc.), so you need to make sure you have the potential for maximum sales.

These are some key factors that should be followed to make more conversions


    1. Simplicity

      Modern websites offer a tone of features, giving the visitor every possible way to search what he is looking for. That’s good – but keep in mind that simplicity should be your main aim in all those functionalities. You should be able to let the visitor complete an order in 3 steps from any section of the website.The percentage of the people that visit your website compared to the people who visit and buy from your website is a ratio of 1/100. In fact that is a good ratio. Don’t let that 1% slip away from your website. Make every step easy for him while giving him the additional option.


        • A. You would be surprised how many visitors find it frustrating to register a new account and fill in many details, that they abandon the order. Give them the option of express checkout or use their account via social media.
        • B. Keep the layout simple and clean, so the visitor feel comfortable and can navigate your website easy from his very first visit.
        • C. A very big portion of your visitors may not be such experienced with internet or e-shops. Offer live chat to assist them anytime they feel they need.
    2. Advertising

      Web Developers do miracles nowadays when developing your website. That result is astonishing, but this will bring no sales if it’s only you and the developer that know the website address. A beautiful and functional website will not sell if people don’t visit it . A poor designed website with a lot of people visiting it will bring just a few sales.You need to balance your budget so you always have enough budget for advertising. Plan your budget ahead and make sure you balance the development costs with the advertising costs. Advertising nowadays is 100% metric and measurable, so you will see which sources bring you back results to increase the revenue there and which sources bring you no results so limit the budget there. A well-formed advertisement campaign will bring you more money that the money invested in.


        • A. Google Adwords is a very good source of advertisement with guaranteed results. You pay only the clicks and you can choose the target audience that will see your advertisement (eg. Age 20-40 males only from Athens, Greece).
        • B. In order to judge the result of the advertising period and how much more people visit your website you need statistics. Google Analytics is a very detailed source of statistics for your website that you can see even realtime who is on your website right now, from which advertisement or from which website he came from or even what keyword he searched to find your website.
        • C. Google offers a 75€ voucher for new customers on their first advertisement.
    3. Social Media

      Social Media are everywhere and people like them and use them a lot. So get advantage of it by showing everyone that your eshop is here and sells all these incredible travel experiences. Not only people will see your services but they will interact with them. If they don’t like something they will say – even in a bad way – so you can improve yours sales by listening to their negative comments and giving them what they want. But social media do not stop there.There are many communities behind them, with common interests that are your perfect place to showcase your services. For example, if you are selling BMW Accessories, there are hundreds of Facebooks Groups that are only for BMW owners, each group having some hundreds of persons registered. Be active in every possible way in social media and don’t be surprised if this becomes your number 1 source of selling point.


        • A.Post content every day, so your potential customers see things they might be interested in.
        • B. Try to get as many followers as you can – as they are the people interested in your products, hence the easier target to sell to.
        • C. Keep them active in your website by making contests to win something if they participate.
    4. Speed And Compatibility with all Browsers & Platforms

      Speed matters and matters a lot as well being able to browse your website from all possible platforms, like a PC, Mac, Tablet, mobile phone or whatever human brain can imagine.Let’s keep it simple, what if I would tell you that 30% of website visitors abandon a website that loads slow (reasons may be bad development, heavy requirements, slow servers and the list goes on…). Do you want to lose the possibility to make that 30% book from your website?
      Now what if I would tell you that only 50% visit websites from PC, while the rest 50% is shared among Mac, Iphones, Android Phones, Windows Phone, Tablets, even very old computers (yes, some companies still run windows xp!!). Would you like to lose the possibility to make any of the above percentage not able to see your website? So we need to make sure our website is fast, light and compatible with all modern browsers and platforms.


        • A. When choosing web hosting, choose something that is located close to your potential client base. Eg. If you are selling a product to Greeks, choose a hosting in a greek data center, so your website loads fast for these visitors.
        • B. Google promotes the ranking (AKA climb to top results) that are based for mobile platforms as well. Chances are that a website that is not responsive will not be on a good position when someone searches from a mobile device. So free rankings if your website is responsive.
        • C. Technology is nice, but don’t overdo it. Pick a technology when developing your website that will be modern and light, while all platforms are compatible with this. (Did you know websites made in flash were not able to load on IPhone?)
    5. Reliable and updated Content

      Your website is your traditional shop mirror, with the difference everyone can see every section of it 24/7/365.What does this mean though and why is it so important?Imagine a dirty traditional shop with outdated products with dust on them or even broken. People will turn head and move to the next shop.
      Now, imagine a website with outdated content, old texts, misleading or incomplete information about products, many typos, broken images … I think you got the point.
      Internet gives you the ability to form your website the way you want, without limits. You can virtually grow and be like a super store selling 10.000 products, while your traditional shop be only a 20sqm area. So BE PROFESSIONAL , give your visitors a clear and tidy picture of a reliable store that they will have a pleasant and trustworthy buying experience.


        • A. Keep all your content up to date, fix any typos or broken images
        • B. Provide as much information of the products or services you sell, without being misleading
        • C. Be clear, avoid hidden costs and state terms and conditions without small letters and unpleasant surprises.

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