Not a Viator supplier yet?

Read this article carefully and become a Viator  Supplier ASAP


Basic Instructions:
Register in Viator as a local supplier in this link
Fill the form step by step. You are going to be asked which Reservation System you are using. Pick Travelotopos (see the image below):



As soon as they respond we are going to set up your Travelotopos account with Viator booking engine.
But this is not enough… You need some tips in order to be accepted.

Tip #1

Offer Real Time Availability.
Stop this “On Request” status. Viator accepts completed reservations. That means that you need to provide real time availability. Just link your Travelotopos booking engine with them and stay safe.

Tip #2

List your business in Trip Advisor.
As soon as you are registered in Viator, Trip Advisor will enable the BookNow button for your activity. Viator shares availability with TripAdvisor. In that way you expand your sales channels.

Tip #3

Be flexible and accept last minute bookings.
Don’t be afraid of last minute bookings. With Travelotopos booking engine you will avoid overbooking. We will manage your sales channels and your avalaibility. You will just operate your business and offer your customers unique experience.

Tip #4

Improve your content.
Describe your services especialy for Viator’s listing. OTAs want unique descriptions for their SEO strategy. So spend some time to write nice descriptions without your email or personal information in it. Make a research and notice what others in your market do or write and get inspired.

Tip #5

Use Travelotopos to be accepted in Viator.

Being a Travelotoper will not guarantee that you will become a Viator supplier, however Viator prefers tour operators using a real-time booking software provider that is integrated with them, as it will allow Viator to provide a better service to their own customers (thus, we strongly recommend you to mention Travelotopos in the application process). Besides that, there are two other reasons to use Travelotopos to integrate with Viator.
Firstly, when you receive a booking from Viator, your work has only just started. They’ll send you the customer information and the booking details, but you’ll need to manually import them into your manifest, reports and CRM. With Travelotopos, all of this information is automatically pushed to all of these platforms. This saves you time and also ensures that you never forget a customer or forget a payment.
Secondly , When building your distribution network to 5 or even 500 agents, you’ll find out, managing this network is a lot of work. Travelotopos’ Channel Manager simplifies this. It doesn’t matter how many agents you have, you can update your availability for all of them in one login. This allows you to have a large distribution network. With Travelotopos, you can connect with most agents in the tour and activity industry. Travelotopos allows you to update your availability from one screen, which saves you time and enables you to get more agent connections and fill up your total capacity.