How to connect to Expedia Local Expert


In order to map your products in Travelotopos you should make sure you have already applied to Expedia Local Expert.

If not this is the link you should use and complete the Expedia Local Expert application form.

Don’t forget to mark Travelotopos as your Booking Software.

The Expedia LX integration includes the following :

– availability synchronization
– bookings
– cancellations
– your barcodes included on Expedia vouchers

Expedia LX does not support:
– the exchange of prices or content from your products

You will be given with credentials to login your Expedia Local Expert extranet and upload your products.

Login to your Travelotopos extranet and go to Services, select the service/product you wish to connect and enable Expedia, by checking the checkbox (see below)

After this you will need to export a mapping file which will be autogenerated from Travelotopos system. This file is in Configuration -> System -> Channel Configurator.

You will select Expedia.

Travelotopos will create automatically a CSV Mapping file, that you can further use to fill in Expedia Mappings in column D.
Once filled in, please upload the Expedia CSV to the appropriate tab, so Expedia can retrieve tha mappings of your services.

As soon as you are ready you will have to contact your Expedia Destination Manager in order to enable the connection to the Expedia API and request a CSV export of your products to send it to

We are almost there…

From this time Expedia Destination Manager begins to manually add your products according to the CSV files you created. From now on availability management will be disabled in Expedia Extranet. All reservations from Expedia will be in Travelotopos Software, and Travelotopos will notify you through email about new or upcoming reservations. In addition in case of cancellations Travelotopos will also notify you and mark in Travelotopos Extranet that a reservations is canceled.

No hustle, no stress. Everything will be managed by Travelotopos Reservation Software.

For more information please contact this email: