Put in place your business Re-Opening Plan


Navigate your way to your business opening hand in hand with you Travelotopos Market Expert. By understanding the challenges from all perspectives (financial, tactical, social) and evaluating the situation you should start working on your development plan for re-opening your business.

See steps below: 

  • Evaluate fixed costs and what can be performed to reduce them
  • Develop your financial plan
  • Engage with your associates and retain a skeleton staff in plan
  • Set an internal communication plan and follow it consistently, aware your associates with it

Reach out to your Travelotopos Market Expert and let him roll out for you:

  • A market overview report  (providing a research and overview of the markets that are beginning to come back to life)
  • Big events /happenings, if they are rescheduled and how you can benefit from it.( i.e. Posidonia have been rescheduled for October, and our wine tours finish in September, shall I extend my seasonal operation to accommodate the need of the attendees?)
  • Introducing new policies for reservations, how to be flexible and reassure your travellers with options (i.e.  move a booking into the future instead of cancelling)
  • Consultation on readjusting your marketing activities:
    • Your social media voice should encourage and nurture your travellers while on lockdown.
    • Apply promotion strategy ONLY when your travellers will be ready to start planning again. Refer to your Travelotopos Market Expert for more details.

Combat the situation of the business challenges and develop a winning strategy by being aware and showing empathy to your associates and travellers.  A strategic re-opening plan now days is a necessity.

Contact your Travelotopos Market Expert  and let him develop the most suitable for your business Re-Opening Plan.



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