The Hotel Operations Department of Tomorrow


Shifting perspectives of ‘normal’ operational procedures will upend on how we manage our Hotel business. Hotels should be proactive in planning for the rebound of operations demand.

It is important to create and align your new operational procedures with your training and marketing department, in order to build a common communication ground.


Set in place your new operational procedures for outlets focused on the health and safety of all. Assign designated team members to be in charge of the overview of new procedures. Establish your working stations and teams of associates who will be at service.


Rely on technology of Travelotopos to work easier and illuminate overbooking and overcrowding. Through Travelotopos tech solution your will be able to regulate your restaurant flow and availability based on the requirements by government. And, you will also be able to create an extended timetable to cover the required demand and leverage on revenue opportunities. Communication is key through departments, and live communication is now mandatory; your Front Desk / Concierge will be always aware of the real restaurant availability and grand you with more restaurant reservations.


Travelotopos technology will help your operation manager to better estimate the required personnel per day, per shift and support the cleanliness department to schedule efficiently their housekeeping tasks for the communal areas. Hence optimising your budget proposition on employee’s work table.


Prepare your website to serve as a source of truth for potential guests and allow them to easily find all the updated information especially for the post-Covid operations of the Hotel. Reassure guests that the hotel is taking proper precautions on property and ensure the safety of staff and guests.  Highlight, the option to the guest, of selecting his preferred time and outlet for dining through the live availability Travelotopos provides you by your ‘book now’ button.


Promote your compliance with new regulations of outlets and your live availability to the local market; get your competitive advantage as we return normalcy.


Throughout the travel changes and new hotel reality in operations, its fundamental to be in position to cover the demand by applying new age technologies.
In Travelotopos we stand by the #WorkEasier mindset and apply it for the benefit of our partners.