Technology is your Gateway to Recovery


Step by step all over the world we are coming back to a new normalcy. And travel is innate, we are already dreaming of future tomorrow’s. However the future will not be as it’s used to be, local governments and WHO are advising us to keep our social distancing. Our task is to create a safe environment for our teams and guests to feel comfortable in. 

Technology can aid in the recovery road for hotels, restaurants, bars, beach operations (cabanas, sun loungers etc) and so many more businesses. Just name them.

A software as a service solution can be now applied everywhere, from the online-check ins, digital menus, scheduling the restaurant and spa visits to reserving a beach cabana; allow your guests feel safer when on your property by eliminating contact or keeping the required social distancing. 
How? Simply by using the most of tech. Technology can free your hands of the heavy duty for organising, receiving  and generating revenue in a business.

your business operation tasks. A business management system which puts you on schedule, taking wise advantage of every single minute spent in your business. Having a constant glance of your business via the reporting and daily dashboards.

Create your booking time slots with safe distance one from an other while also implementing a hygiene calendar for your business.

Getting bookings online 24/7 is surely a plus, providing contactless payments secures your business and makes your guest feel safer, last but not least a guest can insert in his online reservation his preferences. Now you can provide a guest-centric service with safety. Forget about the long telephone calls and misplaced information. Shift your focus on delivering a remarkable service to your guest while making them feel at comfort in your business.

Generating revenue
, by being available for reservations 24/7 you leverage on bookings at any time. While through connectivity on multiple global channels you are immediately available to a wider audience. Together with all the above you leverage on more booking opportunities and still keep it safe. Here comes the real time availability synced with all your selling channels online and offline, making the communication much easier within your team when having an always updated business status. 

Now more than ever your should be leveraging on technology. Readjust to the new normalcy and use the already existing tech for your benefit will only help you stay ahead of competition. 

Roll out the red carpet and show your guests an amazing and safe time well spent in your property.


#Work Easier