What is the cut-off time and why it can benefit your business?


To understand better the ‘cut-off’ time meaning let’s break it down.

A reservation has a booking window allowing travelers to book their activity and a time limit upon a reservation is made and it becomes unbookable, prior to traveler’s actual arrival (for the activity performance), this is called cut-off.

For example, you may book an activity 24 before the start time, but you cannot book it on the same day, (less than 24 hrs prior to the activity).

How cut-off time can benefit your business?

By reducing your cut-off time, you provide your potential customer – traveler the convenience and the option of selecting your activity when it works simply better for them. During these very special travel times, our suppliers have seen a growth in their reservation volume coming from the last-minute bookings. Travelers select to book their activity once already in the destination. And that makes absolute sense.  By adjusting your booking cut-off time, you immediately leverage for your business, on the last-minute reservations.

Can cut-off time be applied immediately on all channels?

Having a booking system like Travelotopos empowers you to manage all channels at once.  Applying changes like cut-off time to all or on selected channels via a single button press. Having live availabilities on multi-channels can only benefit your business especially when you treat it wisely; it will help you minimize your risk of the overbooking while also grow your last-minute reservation revenues.


All in-destination businesses and activities are not the same and should be treated individually for successful strategic planning. Our Market Expert can provide you with various practices per activity, geolocation, and need; our professionals are here to consult you on what is the best practice for YOUR business.