What is happening with the Res Tech Companies?

Currently, reservation system companies of our industry keep on breaking the news with updates about their new pricing policies. Spokesmen of tours and activity operators are presenting the pros and cons of the pricing models while explaining the changes occurred due to the Covid-19 situation and how every business is focusing their own survival.

Seat comfortably and enjoy the match, as it looks like, this is only the beginning.

Indeed, the situation created a chaotic business environment for all, except maybe supermarkets. Pricing policies changing without any prior notice, freebies provided to lure the operators on keeping their collaborations with reservation systems which were waived afterward, collaborations which lasted couple of months before their break up and many more other actions.

We are witnessing a battle of who will remain the last one standing.

In Travelotopos we have decided not to participate in that and keep our focus on the Secret of Understanding our Clients’ Needs.

Our philosophy has always been to #workeasier and simply follow our clients’ needs, hence Travelotopos pricing policy is always in benefit of our clients. If you get paid, we get paid. Easy and Simple. No hidden fees, no extra charges. We present ourselves as a technology company which we are, and not as the middle sales man. We provide you with the bridge to receive more bookings from all the available digital sources.

In our previous blog post, we have mentioned how we believe in partnering with our clients. We want our customers to see our solutions as their Tech Partner, their Business catalyst with which they can grow their business.

Our aim is to provide high-quality tech solutions for our customers and their clients, which will assist a business to succeed, assuring standard financial agreements without hidden fees.

We love technology and the way it can help in business growth is of paramount importance to us.