Did you know, that automation in hospitality equals more revenue?

#WorkEasier and enhance your Hotel guest experience

Automation didn’t come to replace the personalized service a hotel wants to deliver but to actually help it. Travelotopos offers the Solution for Transfer Services automation. The benefits are many from increasing productivity to lowering costs and ending up with a better experience for both employees and guests. With automation, a hotel can run a leaner operation and do more with less.

Here’s how:

  • Make your transfer service profitable by placing online availability. Provide your guests the choice to book their transfer (airport/port) or even to specific locations, with your hotel online either through your website or via the WebHotelier booking engine when completing a reservation. Allowing your guest to take the decision they want in your digital business environment can only profit your business.

  • Relief your front desk from the simple questions that overload work on a daily basis and let them manage transfer assignments online. Viewing the availability of vehicles in real-time through the booking system to fully dedicate to the art of hospitality

  • Establish a reselling system Online and Offline:
    • Online: Use the white-label agreement. If you have more than one hotel or website to manage, you can apply a different pricing strategy.
    • Offline: Provide access to your partners to book online and track the performance. Manage the agreements and handle efficiently the commissions.

For Hotels working with 3rd party transfer companies or professionals.

Work easier by establishing a digital environment and support cross-selling system for all parties.

  • Insert your external partners (transfer suppliers. companies/drivers) in travelotopos system and automate the procedure of the reservation assignment.
  • Never miss an opportunity while waiting on the phone to receive a reply, when you can have live availability in your online system.
  • Communicate easier with drivers and provide valuable information about guests or destinations to perform a personalized experience.
  • Automated payments and commission calculation.

Travelotopos software solution for Hotels aims to improve daily operations by automating every service provided in the hotel via online booking.