Block-Out Dependencies

First booked first served’

What is it?

What is it?

Block out dependencies field inside your calendar, is a new feature being rolled out to provide more automation for your business through travelotopos software management. Now your assigned daily /weekly/monthly services are dependent on another task based on the starting time and not on the duration of the activity.

Why should you use it?

Block out dependencies are ideal for those who run multiple hours selection for their services with various options. Now you can accommodate requests hassle-free and automatically from the system by blocking the overlapping services.

With block-out dependencies, you can now create several timetables for service and sell them to the first bidder. Block out dependencies work based on the duration of the service.



10.00 – 11.00


10.00 -12.00

  11.00 – 13.00

Let’s break it down with real-life examples from a tour and activity business:

Scenario A:

Reservation received for the TOUR A, the system placed immediately on availability block out the reservation for TOUR B.

Scenario B:

Reservation received for TOUR C, the system placed immediately on availability block out TOUR B.

Scenario C:

Reservation received for TOUR B, the system placed immediately on availability block out TOUR A & TOUR C.

Block out dependencies work as ‘first booked first served’, by protecting your business with overlapping services and overbookings of tours and activities.

How to get started:

Block out Dependencies have been created to make your business work easier and be more productive.

Follow the below steps and manage today your business block out dependencies.