New Features

What’s New at Travelotopos

In Travelotopos we are working to bring you new innovative features and functionality which will help your business #WorkEasier.

Unsuccessful Transactions Custom Message

#WorkEasier on transmitting your brand voice on every single step of the customer journey through your personalized business communication.

Customize the unsuccessful transactions message to fit your brand voice and tailor it for your customers.

Stay atop of all your communications.

Text set up as per below:

Configuration -> Texts -> Bank Payment Error Details

Daily & Event Notes on Reservation Calendar

A new daily & event note feature on your reservation calendar. Manage your reservations and coordinate with your team useful and important information.

Set up Daily & Event Notes:

Services -> Search ( click on No Notes” to create a note).

Reseller Commission

Work easier by setting your resellers’ profile with the override commissions for extras option.

A service includes an admission ticket fee as an extra, now the reseller will be getting his proportional commission hassle-free of other charges.

Now you can manage your resellers’ commission.

Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

Product Calendar

Provide the reseller a live view of the availability you have provided them per service.

Now, through the Product Calendar, the reseller has a view option of the maximum and current availability per assigned service.