New Feature

Taking shortcuts with event copy

Do you need an easier way to move the event information within the same service? Copy it without having to rewrite everything again for a second or third event within the same service.

Currently, you can create and add an event to the service space. However, for a second (third, etc event) in the same service, you need to create it all over again and add it, even if the event information is exactly the same as the first one. Wouldn’t it be EXCELLENT if you could be able to copy and paste multiple events into the same services?

We want you to #WorkEasier, and we have created the feature of the copy of an existing event and paste it into the service/s you need. Travelotopos engine now is automating the process of creating events for the same service, you set the dates, availability, and value of the event and automatically you have all the event information such as payment, cancellation policies, or voucher information copied into the service you have selected.

Step by Step:

  • Services -> List -> select a service from the list
  • From selected Services – choose the event menu and click
  • Copy Event