TUI Musement

TUI Musement and Travelotopos Partner 🤝

This collaboration will enable Travelotopos customers to participate in multiple sales channels for Tours, Activities, and Tickets; together with TUI Musement, we are looking into enhancing the in-destination booking services.

Tours, Activities, and Tickets at the fingertips of every TUI customer; who will be now able to access pricing and real-time availability in a seamless experience via TUI Musement distribution channels through Travelotopos direct integration.

TUI Musement distribution channels are:

  •      TUI Mobile Apps
  •      Retail Shops (TUI-branded + 3rd Party)
  •      In-destination sales in more than 40 countries
  •      Trivago Activities

Expanding the distribution channels represents a fantastic opportunity for all suppliers in the experience industry to further simplify the way of doing business and just #WorkEasier.

We kick off our partnership through Travelotopos Marketplace by connecting global and local resellers with one simple step.

The API connection will follow as the second phase of our integration.

Those who use Travelotopos to distribute their products will be now able to drive greater revenue beyond the existing channels.

Travelotopos tech-solution is specialized in the business needs of tours, activities, and attractions, has over 10.000 products online, and keeps on supporting local businesses to go global simply by working easier in a digital environment.

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