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We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve been awarded GetYourGuide’s Advanced Connectivity Partner status. This recognizes our commitment to technical excellence and innovation, delivering more GetYourGuide customers and revenue to our users.

Following the ever-changing perception of customers about online bookings, we make intelligent improvements to create remarkable guest experiences.

Aligned in the effort of GetYourGuide to leverage technology solutions and break down the booking procedure. Evaluating every single aspect of the purchase, from booking to the actual experience, delivered in a flawless flow. This recognizes our shared commitment to crafting seamless booking experiences for guests and drive more revenue to our customers.

What does Travelotopos Advancer Connectivity Partner mean for your business?

Travelotopos Application Programming Interface (API) enables interaction, access, and functionality exchange between GetYourGuide.

Advanced Connectivity Partner as the name suggests, is an advanced-quality connection between

Travelotopos -> Your Business -> and GetYourGuide.

This technical exchange via API, was strictly tested on performance-based criteria by GetYourGuide in order to deliver an enhanced booking experience, more happy customers and higher revenue.

At a glance

By eliminating errors, Travelotopos succeeded in performance during the summer season, including August 2021 which was the most demanding month of the past 3 years (including August 2019) in regards to the booking requests.

The devotion to our customers and our commitment to #WorkEasier is growing and through this award, it will be reflected on your business as:

  • increase of successful reservations
  • increase of revenue
  • more satisfied costumers
  • more satisfied partners
  • having Travelotopos as your channel manager privileges you with closer collaboration with GetYourGuide at the technical and business level

In summary, the benefits from this enhanced integration, are fewer reservation errors and more successful transactions, leading to increased revenue.

Out of GetYourGuide’s 150+ global integrations, Travelotopos is one of the top eight booking engines, holding the status of the Advanced Connectivity Partner.

We are proud of our team and excited to shape the future of connectivity with GetYourGuide.


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