Travelotopos API has been updated

We updated our API in order to give you more flexibility and save time by retrieving data with fewer requests. Here are the endpoints that were changed.

Event batch availability

You can still retrieve an event’s availability BUT by sending one more parameter {“pricing”: true} you can retrieve pricing details for each availability result. Read more

Add reservation details

We removed the eventdetail_id and encoded_pricegroup_ids fields. In order to add a reservation detail, you need to know the date-time of the event not eventdetail_id and you can start using encoded_pricegroupAmounts instead of encoded_pricegroup_ids. Read more

Deprecated endpoints

The following endpoints are now deprecated because of the above changes. Event details, Event detail, and event pricegroups.

Please note that we still support requests that do not use the updated version of our endpoints but we do recommend scheduling the transition. If you have questions you can refer to our documentation or send us an email to

Thank you for being part of our community,
Travelotopos Team