Google Sheet Integration

Season is still on and we are on a mission to make you #workeasier Google Sheet Integration is now live.

You asked for it and we made it real.

We have completed an integration with  sheet. If you use google sheet in your daily work routine you are now able to export the reserved vouchers for every event , date and timeslot.


Read carefully below  

We created an endpoint that can be inserted to a Google Sheet

Before you start make sure on your Google Sheet, you have entered the function: =IMPORTXML(……….)

A new backoffice endpoint has been created /getReservationsCountForEventByDate that asks for the event alias as a URL parameter. The format of the endpoint should be as follows:

What is an Event Alias and where do I find it?

Event Alias is a coded identification that we use to map products on the channel manager or identify the product option from witch we need data, such as availabilities, reservations etc. This coded id of the event is right next to the title of the event in the service.

Login to your Travelotopos Dashboard -> Services -> Service List -> {Service A} -> Events -> Event Alias