GetYourGuide New API Feature – Price over API

Dear Travelotopers,
We are super excited to announce that we have updated our API with GetYourGuide and from the 7th of September you will be able to share via our API both Availability and Pricing.


Travelotopos works closely with GetYourGuide to provide a smooth #WorkEasier API integration between suppliers and GetYourGuide travelers.

GetYourGuide & Travelotopos are introducing the Price over API feature. This feature enables automatic updates of your retail prices based on data from your reservation system, eliminating the need for manual price updates, and minimizing booking discrepancies. GetYourGuide will pull pricing information the same way as updating availability from Travelotopos.

Pricing Over API’s new Feature is upgrading our Product Distribution by adding a core element of the reservation -> Pricing.

How to share my prices with GetYourGuide?

Step 1

You will need to enable this feature on your GetYourGuide dashboard. See full instructions here.

Step 2

Check and manage your prices on Travelotopos Pricing section (see screenshot below).

And you are Ready! Easy and Smoothly as always.

3 Important Notes:

This is an optional feature and can be enabled or disabled from your GetYourGuide dashboard.

Most ticket categories, including Adult, Child, Youth, Infant, Senior, Student, EU Citizen, Military, Non EU Citizen, and Student are supported. Group products, Add-ons, and Tiered (Scaled) Pricing are not supported.

Price over API is configured to accept retail rates only. Retail prices shared by your reservation system must be inclusive of taxes and fees.

You must have pricing for all available time slots in the next 365 days in your reservation system. If there is a time slot with available vacancies no price assigned, the slot will not be made bookable on GetYourGuide.

The price received over API will override any price manually configured in GetYourGuide Supplier Administration.