SantoriniView – Fresh Connectivity!

SantoriniView is now on the board of Travelotopos connectivity partners! Any Santorini’s Tour Organizer has now the ability to view their Travel Activities through SantoriniView’s channel. Travelotopos makes again a step ahead for Suppliers to #workeasier with an effortless process inclusive of various automation processes!

The marketplace of SantoriniView assists Travellers to be experienced and advised regarding that famous and magical Greek destination. SantoriniView makes available plenty of services on the island. From boat tours to honeymoon activities and from bus trips to food and wine tasting,

The steps to be followed in order to set your products available on the platform are simpler than ever.


  1. Makes a commercial agreement with SantoriniView.
  2. Requests to Travelotopos to display the option of SantoriniView for connecting.
  3. Goes to Services > List > Events and clicks on the title of the event that they want to be pushed live on SantoriniView.
  4. Clicks on the paper symbol (see below) and they find SantoriniView in the field of Available Channels.

Once the Supplier clicks “Save”, the process is completed!

Integrating with SantoriniView is a great, multi-level solution. On the one hand, Supplier gets sales growth, in a faster and easier context and on the other hand, they work on a less paperwork frame and a stronger e-presence in the day-trips market. Travelotopos partnered with SantoriniView to combine commercial benefits and technological ease for the Tour Organizer.

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