Travelotopos Premium Partner | Upgrade to the Future

Out of GetYourGuide’s 150+ integrations, Travelotopos was awarded Premium Partner (i.e., listed on the Top 4), based on its exceptional technical performance, API feature set, and collaboration efforts. Announcing the recognition of commitment to technical excellence and innovation, Travelotopos delivers more GetYourGuide customers and revenue to its users.

Travelotopos works continuously, towards improvement and development. Two elements, synonyms of reasonable effort and passion for Travel-Technology. This is the how when it comes to making the extra mile. Every time a great milestone is reached, the Travelotopos team also highlights its strong why. This “why” has been answered already, it’s the name of our company which consists of two elements Travel and Topos, the first word doesn’t need a definition, it’s a part of our both business and customer lives; the second word (Topos), means destination. To make a long story short, people Travel to meet new worlds, and to see new destinations. This is where Travelotopos comes, this is what Travelotopos does. 

GetYourGuide distributes these in-destination activities in cooperation with Travelotopos, thus, together, with the help of Technology, we connect the dots for the Traveler, the Tourism professional and at the end of the day, the Travel itself.

According to GetYourGuide:

Premium partners consist of the top-rated systems who maintain the highest API performance, have the most up-to-date features, and offer the highest business value and engagement.

Some of the benefits of Travelotopos as a Premium Connectivity Partner of GetYourGuide are:

  • More Successful Reservations
  • Higher Revenue
  • Guarantee of the best performance for Travelotopos customers on GetYourGuide
  • Travelotopos Staff is Trained by GetYourGuide
  • GetYourGuide Priority Support
  • Dedicated Business Manager
  • Technical Deep Dives
  • GetYourGuide Custom Reports and Data Insights

GetYourGuide provides Tours and Activities for travelers all over the world. Aiming to make people’s dreams a reality, the company has assisted millions of customers to explore and discover new things and places. Through GetYourGuide’s platform, a lot of travel professionals are reaching their clients who are of course Getting Their Guide. It would be a miss if the acknowledgement of this amazing distribution channel’s contribution to the Travel industry wouldn’t take place.


Travelotopos thanks GetYourGuide for the great cooperative spirit, the acknowledgement of efforts and hard work, and the valuable contribution to our industry.

With partnerships like this, a bright future is almost self-evident.

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