Travelotopos & Accounting: Integration with ICS

The only international booking engine integrated with Local Accounting Systems certified by the Greek Government.

Travelotopos announces the completion of the integration process with ICS. In the field of #Upgrade2TheFuture, Travelotopos makes a step forward allowing the interconnectivity of its business partners with taxation mechanisms reflecting the operational ease and day-to-day effortless accounting and firms’ economics. This is one of the reasons Travelotopos is provenly being stated as a 360° system.

Some of the key points reflecting the outcome of ICS integration are the following.

  • Automated sending of the payment receipt at the time of booking.
  • Auto accounting document export or (optionally) manual forwarding (for complicated payment processes).
  • Automated sending of debit record upon cancellation of the booking.

For inquiries related to the aforementioned, accounting solution, feel free to Contact the Business Support department of Travelotopos.