Discover Asia’s vast market with Travelotopos!

Travelotopos’ Marketplace welcomes Freed Group Tech as a B2B partner for our suppliers and paves the way to Eastern Travel Market. Connect with numerous leading booking channels in Asia with one single click and distribute your availability all over the world!

Freed Group Tech is a team of dedicated professionals which operates in the field of technology, tourism, commerce, and hospitality. They partner with the biggest companies in the East (such as Korean Air) and they provide their clients with ultimate experiences around the world. At the same time, they act as OTA for your business operating various marketplaces at the local market such as:

Now, all these services are available to all Travelotopers.

The company distributes Tours & Activities acting as a channel for both, travellers (B2C) and businesses (B2B2C) as an intermediary between the supplier and the actual booker, no matter if it is a company or individual.

Freed Group Tech is covering an extensive target group of potential buyers with a strong customer base in markets such as Hong Kong, China, Korea and Singapore.

The company is now looking to expand towards the west and the benefits of Tour Organizers are unlimited. More sales, revenue increase, bookings optimization and brand awareness enrichment are just a few on the list.

In this ongoing journey of #Upgrade2TheFuture, Travelotopos stands once more by the side of Travel Professionals, connecting the bullets of the next phase. Providing the best version of every travel company partnered.