New Features Released

Travelotopos brings two fresh features optimized for Content Description!
Categorizing Product Descriptions through tabs drives a better understanding of the service, leading to higher conversions. Considering the needs of the market and taking into account the best practice related to conversions, Travelotopos, now brings the feature that separates the service information sections to Overview, Highlights, What’s Included and Additional Information.

Additionally, now the duration of each service is on display!
This feature helps customers to know the duration of the service at a glance, organize their program and to be aware of the timeframe that they will enjoy any experience booked. Extremely helpful for travellers who book a service on the first or the last day of their vacations.
Always in line with the market tendencies, needs and preferences, Travelotopos, shapes its technological context accordingly and provides the best there is to its Travel Partners.
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