Dynamic Pricing based on the Demand


Travelotopers now can set pricing rules according to their Product Demand

Travelotopos releases, first time ever in the Tours & Activities market, the feature of Dynamic Pricing. From now on, every Travelotoper can adjust the price, based on product demand. The intelligent mechanism is now released and it works with single or multiple rules that actually activate triggers placing the price on the optimum level.

Always making the extra mile, Travelotopos brings pure innovation which drives even higher profit to the Experiences sector partners.

– How?

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In the Administration Panel of Travelotopos, you can enable Dynamic Pricing by setting your Pricing Rules.  You can create a Pricing Scheme that can increase your prices when the demand is High or Decrease the prices when the demand is Low.

A very promising feature comes into our Market through Travelotopos. Price Intelligence can be proven very beneficial, and it can accurately bring the maximum profit based on demand. Travelotopos suggests a Price decrease for the first bookings available and an increase for the last ones to achieve both high conversion and commercial gainfulness.

#Upgrade2TheFuture is not just a hashtag, it’s what Travelotopos does for its customers, for its business partners and many times, for the whole Tours & Activities market.