Travelotopos Fresh New Booking Engine

Upgraded Interface, New Era, and Higher Conversions

Travelotopos, the actively stepping forward, booking system for Tours and Activities professionals, has recently launched some exciting updates to its booking engines. These enhancements are designed to make the booking process even more efficient, user-friendly, and appealing. Let’s dive in and explore these new features!

New UI - Travelotopos
Search by Date and Category

The latest version of Travelotopos’ booking engine now allows customers to search for tours and activities based on dates and categories. This means that if a customer wants to book a tour on a specific date or select an activity from a particular category, they can easily do so with just a few clicks. Travelotopos makes all of the services discoverable either by taking advantage of the calendar’s date picker, the categories filter or both.

Optimized User Experience

The latest version of Travelotopos’ booking engine has been optimized to provide an even more beautiful and practical user experience. Business partners can provide more information to their customers and better tailor the booking process to their needs. Now with an even faster and improved look, the UX that Travelotopos provides is second to none.

Google Fonts Integration

Travelotopos’ booking engine now supports Google Fonts, making the transition from the website to the booking engine even smoother. With that multiple font family acceptance, the booking engine’s appearance and branding can be in direct alignment with the company’s website.

Optimized Images Frames

Finally, the updated image frame display. Business partners’ customers can now enjoy an even better and more efficient image appearance that improves the overall look and clickable feel of the booking engine driving a higher conversion rate.

In conclusion, Travelotopos’ latest upgrades to the system, in front of the page and behind it as well, capabilities are sure to impress every single business partner’s customer. The enhanced features will undoubtedly revolutionize the booking experience for travellers and improve the overall company’s image. The fresh new mobile interface and web UI are both visually appealing and functional, making booking tours and activities easier and more enjoyable than ever.

Remember: #Upgrade2TheFuture is not about brand image, nor about numbers; it is about both.

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