This Channel Manager Opportunity is a One-Off

We always keep our Travelotopers posted; and we were never be in a position to share such a great chance…

This is an update about some BIG Opportunities that are door knocking even to the most skeptical entrepreneurs!

First things first though… Let’s see some of the established and well known OTAs that Travelotopos has integrated with,
allowing through your products to get synchronized within through the Channel Manager solution.

Having said that… you may find a first time ever offer running for new Supplier onboarding applications by GetYourGuide!

Yes, it is not a typo mistake(!), GetYourGuide will not charge commission at all for the first 10 bookings gotten through their platform if you apply to register as a Supplier now. Not now… – Now!

Of course, Travelotopos could not just watching… (keep reading).

We provide 10 Commission-Free Bookings to every Travelotoper that has an active Supplier Account on any(!) OTA connected through Channel Manager until 16 of June!

You see the potential of OTAs for a greater brand awareness, a perfect sales boosting, and a very wider target group but you are yet to be convinced?

How about the fact that Travelotopos will give you the chance to get on board on Google Things to Do too?

Stay in Touch, we will always keep you updated…


P.S., …and the Future is Now!

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