Let us introduce you to… Manawa!

Travelotopos upgrades its booking engine interface increasing the already second to none conversion rate. Innovates with smart, revenue generating and customer need fullfilling features. Provides you the opportunity to get on board with offers that look like a lie for the standards of the market. These and many more aspects of Travelotopos shapes a position that finally relfects a kind of different goal than the usual ones… Travelotopos is officially competing its yesterday’s self. Nobody else!

Thus, Travelotopos expands the partnerships network giving it another important aspect and asset to the company-members of the system.

Travelotopers… Let us introduce you to Manawa.

Manawa is the leading marketplace for booking outdoor activities.

Their about us page says it all:

“Our thirst for unforgettable outdoor experiences too often came to a standstill while trying to book outdoor activities around the world. We searched high-and-low online, sent a plethora of emails — all to no avail. Thus, came to life the idea of Manawa. Manawa is the first booking platform for outdoor activities worldwide…”

Manawa will be partnering with suppliers through Travelotopos Marketplace to provide more international coverage for your activities.

Do not hesitate to contact us at sales@travelotopos.com for further information.