Travelotopos & Google

Travelotopos Integrates with Google
for Tours, Tickets and Activities Booking Links

Travelotopos Booking System announces the launch of a new integration with Google, for Google Things To Do. This new functionality allows attraction providers and tour operators to connect directly on Google Search and display their products based on their Points Of Interest. This new feature will help users make reservations quicker and more sufficient, directly on supplier websites.

We Googled it: Channel Manager by Travelotopos

Travelotopos continues with another strategic collaboration for the market. All Travelotopers are now eligible to offer bookable services via the Google Platform. Through the integration with Google, our Travelotopos aims to enhance suppliers’ ability to grow their business and gain crucial visibility.

“This integration with Google is a significant step forward for our industry”, said Maria Aivalioti, COO of Travelotopos. Combining Travelotopos’ advanced solutions with Google’s powerful platform, a shortcut to success for Tours & Activities companies is by definition generated.

The Channel Manager by Travelotopos is a powerful possibility, including a master variety of OTAs. At the end of the day, we give nothing further than pure sales growth. Every Tours & Activities company partnered with Travelotopos can synchronize service availability between various platforms and receive bookings from all of them, which is manageable in a central Admin Panel by Travelotopos. This means that businesses can manage their bookings and services from one place, making it easier to keep track of everything and completely avoid double-booking.

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