The future of car rental industry


CarOnline is the professional, powerful and reliable booking system for any kind of vehicle rentals; cars, motos, ATVs, QUADs and many more. Running a small or a bigger vehicle rental business, Car Online manages vehicle fleets efficiently using specially designed reservation features. Eliminate paperwork in daily operation using online contracts and increase revenue by providing accurate, real-time availability to clients and partners worldwide.

Update fleet information at Car Online platform and integrate it to business’ website fast and easy; instantly start receiving website reservations with no need for technical or design skills!

Combining advanced technological features and strict data protection standards, CarOnline is aligned to GDPR requirements and at the same time it offers flexibility to adopt privacy settings according to business profile.

Booking engine

Provide customers a seamless booking experience with the customized Car Online reservation system, mobile compatible, and benefit from the guaranteed high conversion rate. Among multiple online payment gateways and instant confirmation via e-mail, ensure client satisfaction and promote repetitive clientele.

Adjust the system to business needs and standards using the flexible pricing policy, regardless complexity or seasonality, create special offers, offer multiple pick up/ drop off locations and many more. Utilize data from Car Online reports and guide business strategy to success in collaboration with Car Online Market Experts.

Reservation plan

The multifunctional, easy to use reservation plan of Car Online offers clear, full screen view of reservations providing all important information at a glance. Create offline reservations and enable stop sales in a couple of clicks. Accelerate daily operation by editing online a reservation or just drag and drop it to the desired dates. The numerous filters and the significant features at Car Online Reservation Plan ensure smooth, safe and accurate business flow.

Dynamic pricing

Dynamic Pricing in Vehicle Rental companies is used to improve revenue and ensure maximum occupancy. With CarOnline Pricing features Vehicle Rental Companies can create a pricing strategy based on supply and demand. Prices are changing in real time based on CarOnline algorithm. Set the pricing policies of the everyday workflow and CarOnline algorithm will manage the revenue management with no further manual work.Contact us and let’s create together your company’s Pricing Strategy.

Agents - Affiliates

Agent Module allows your partners (resellers) to securely log in into your system and make direct bookings. CarOnline tracks reservations and offers a centralised database where both businesses will be able to check billing information, credits, etc. Offer white label features to your partners and customise the booking engine with your affiliate’s web address, logo and photos. Increase bookings and profit by using technology efficiently.

Fleet management

CarOnline offers a number of tools that automate the daily workflow of a Vehicle Rental company. Reservation Plan shows real time availability and reservations at a glance. It is also possible to add a new reservation by selecting the vehicle and dragging over the days of the rental period. Same goes with reservation extensions or quick edits.

Vehicle Maintenance and Notifications

Add maintenance alerts or Insurance notifications for each vehicle. Set alarms and receive everything automatically in your inbox. In addition keep all Official Vehicle files in a friendly cloud environment and eliminate paperwork and human resources.

Fleet Management

Create Online and Offline availability policies in an easy smoothly way in CarOnline fleet plan. Share your fleet with other partners (Agents,Hotels, hyperlink) or create Branches and Stations with certain rights. Branches have a fully access in the system and all the user rights of the admin but exclusively for their own fleet. Stations, though, are Vehicle rental partners who share their fleet with you and receive reservations from your office in agreed terms and prices.

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