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Expedia Local Expert® supplier: Travelotopos

travelotopos / Expedia Local Expert® supplier: Travelotopos

Travelotopos and Expedia Local Expert® are connected to make suppliers booking process easier.



The aim of this integration is on the one hand suppliers to manage better and easier their availability and reservations, on the other hand to increase their revenue.

Expedia Local Expert® is a leading provider of activities and destination experiences,  Expedia Local Expert (LX) offers expertise and assistance in booking events, activities, tours, attractions, ground transportation and other services to our consumers in over two thousand destinations around the world.

Drawing from a rich portfolio of tours and adventures across the globe, these services are available online, over the phone and face-to-face at one of our many concierge and activity desks in retail locations worldwide.

By enabling Expedia Local Expert® channel in Travelotopos you will be able to distribute your availability in real time and accuracy, without worrying about overbooking. In addition to that you will manage your reservations through Travelotopos extranet.

How to set up the Expedia integration


Are you Expedia Local Expert® supplier?

If yes go directly to the following link

If not click here to know more about Expedia Local Expert. When signing up, make sure to select Travelotopos as your Booking Reservation System and you’ll be put on the right queue to be on-boarded to Expedia Local Expert Marketplace and a member of the Expedia Team will get in contact with you.