How to become a GetYourGuide Supplier


Question number 1: Who is GetYourGuide?

GetYourGuide is one of the largest OTA of the Activity sector. It has more than 50.000 trips in more than 2.500 countries. Its Marketplace consists of Activities, Attractions, Transfers and Dinner Reservations.

By connecting with GetYourGuide you will have a global exposure since they have a network of more than 1000 distribution partners. In addition to that GetYourGuide’s traffic is more than 7milion visits per month on its main website. The biggest share comes from USA (around 23.6%).

GetYourGuide is the biggest competitor of  Viator, TripAdvisor company with notable partnerships such as EasyJet, Emirates, and KLM.


Question number 2: Why become a GetYourGuide supplier?

First of all GetYourGuide like all the other OTAs make a really great marketing. In addition to that besides all the other OTAs, GetYourGuide mentions the tour provider/organizer, so the customers can book directly with you.

Your products will have a global exposure without paying anything for that. GetYourGuide like all the other OTAs earn from the suppliers’ commission with no registration fee.


Question number 3: How can I manage my availabilities with all these different Selling points?

The answer here is simple, just use Travelotopos’ channel manager. Travelotopos as the official booking engine of your company can manage your inventory, availabilities and reservations. Your website, OTAs and travel agents will see Travelotopos’ data (availabilities, schedules etc) and will receive all reservations to Travelotopos system. In that way you will never be overbooked and you will never miss a reservation from an OTA.

In addition to that you will increase your reservations. As long as you have Travelotopos, OTAs will send you reservations with the status: “Instant confirmation” This is something GetYourGuide and all OTAs really like since they won’t have any missed client and no missing spending…

You will also increase your revenue since you don’t have to spend to payrolls and you will eliminate human error.


Question number 4: How can I start connecting with GetYourGuide?

Send your email to : or follow the instructions here