Agents - Resellers

The specially designed reseller access, with individual credentials for each user, offers full track of incoming bookings, complete reservation management and seamless online booking flow. The real-time automatically updated availability and the dedicated products, ensure a fluent new reseller reservation process.

travelotopos 360’ reselling program offers a number of functionalities that leverage b2b sales and minimize daily workload.

Upgrade business partnerships, connecting a reseller to an affiliation link and receive both online and offline reservations from the same partner. (See more about the affiliation system here).

Boost promotion and increase revenue with special codes for each product, dedicated to a specific reseller. (See more about special codes here).

Create add-on policies and choose whether or not resellers will be paid for these.

Commission Panel offers detailed web reporting for both parties (reseller and tour operator) where commissions and pay-outs are calculated automatically.

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