Travelotopos & Google

How does the integration with Google work?


Travelotopos has integrated with Google. This means that every Tour Organizer that has a Travelotopos booking engine connected to the website has the chance to list their services in Google. From the same end of bookings, availabilities and price management, the Channel Manager solution of Travelotopos coordinates the process providing a stunning opportunity for Travelotopers to get the maximum awareness possible on the web.

How will my products look in Google?

There is a dedicated Google platform that has been created to provide Things to do. This search engine accepts input such as destination, attraction, or sight.

The results based on the input are displayed with google maps nearside and include the Google My Business Reviews of the company that operates each service displayed.

Additionally, Things to do will be able to be sold in Google Maps. One of Google’s most used and known tools is now accepting bookings for Attraction Tickets, Tours, Experiences and Things to do.


Reach millions of people who do travel-related searches on Google each day

  • Build compelling experiences for travelers and connect them to attractions, tour operators, and activity providers in destinations around the world
  • Help partners easily surface activities and things to do for travelers, while increasing reach and driving new customer acquisition
  • Show individual products in a more easily scannable way

Highlight your tours, attractions, and activities across Google

  • Display your products to the millions of people who come to Google every day for their travel needs. We’re here to help you get discovered, with the choice to list for free or advertise on Google.
  • Connect with travelers across Google for free with Things to do Search. Partners integrating with Google can showcase their inventory, including attraction admission tickets, tours, and activities, to travelers with the right amount of information at the right time. This benefits travelers by providing a complete, accurate, and timely view of in-destination activities.
  • Expand your reach with Things to do ads. Advertise on Google to promote your activities. Display your products to travelers looking for activities, tours, and attractions. You only pay when someone clicks on one of your ads.

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