Travelotopos Ltd is the most innovative software solution provider in tourism.
Our goal is to transform small businesses, that provide tourist services, in modern, digital companies which can stand out and compete with large companies in the industry. This can be achieved with a personalized approach.

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TUI Musement

TUI Musement and Travelotopos Partner 🤝 This collaboration will enable Travelotopos customers to participate in multiple sales channels for Tours, Activities, and Tickets; together with TUI Musement, we are looking into enhancing the in-destination booking services. Tours, Activities, and Tickets at the fingertips of every TUI customer;...

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New Feature

Taking shortcuts with event copy Do you need an easier way to move the event information within the same service? Copy it without having to rewrite everything again for a second or third event within the same service. Currently, you can create and add an event...

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New Features

What's New at Travelotopos In Travelotopos we are working to bring you new innovative features and functionality which will help your business #WorkEasier. Unsuccessful Transactions Custom Message #WorkEasier on transmitting your brand voice on every single step of the customer journey through your personalized business communication. Customize the unsuccessful...

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Block-Out Dependencies

'First booked first served' What is it? What is it? Block out dependencies field inside your calendar, is a new feature being rolled out to provide more automation for your business through travelotopos software management. Now your assigned daily /weekly/monthly services are dependent on another task based...

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Ασφαλής Λύση Πολλαπλών  Πληρωμών Τι είναι το Stripe? Το Stripe είναι μια απο τις καλύτερες πλατφόρμες λογισμικού για τη λειτουργία ηλεκτρονικών πληρωμών. Προσφέροντας πολλές ευέλικτες λύσεις και δυνατότητες στις online πληρωμές που χρειάζεται μια επιχείρηση. Το Stripe δουλεύει στα μετόπισθεν της διαδικασίας πληρωμών, δηλαδή ενσωματώνεται στην μηχανή travelotopos...

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