Travelotopos Ltd is the most innovative software solution provider in tourism.
Our goal is to transform small businesses, that provide tourist services, in modern, digital companies which can stand out and compete with large companies in the industry. This can be achieved with a personalized approach.

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Travelotopos App

  Consolidate all your daily business information in one place     What would you like for 2020? How about having your business at your fingertips?   We proudly unveiled our latest technological craft, the Travelotopos mobile application. Ideal for your daily business management and operations overview at a glance. Your perfect business companion.   Take a closer look...

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Bleisure is the new reality. Are you up to date?

The digital revolution brought us to an environment of digital nomads to full-time free lancers in a co-working space, a new addition now with the Generation Y entering the work force, another change to the business ecosystem has arrived. The hybrid “bleisure” of business and...

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How to connect to Expedia Local Expert

  In order to map your products in Travelotopos you should make sure you have already applied to Expedia Local Expert. If not this is the link you should use and complete the Expedia Local Expert application form. Don't forget to mark Travelotopos as your Booking Software. The Expedia...

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New Update: Upcoming Reservations Notification email

Dear Travelotopers This season has been really successful with many updates and integrations. We had new features, new notifications and during this season we tried to be as much helpful and supportive as we can. For this reason we have created a Notification email for the...

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